The services offered by Bluengineering were originally developed for in house use by our sister company Bluenergy which specialises in hydroelectric schemes. However we soon realised that these services together with our approach of bringing together practical, regulatory and technical aspects were of use to many other projects linked to rivers and water.  Given this, we established Bluengineering to offer our services to a wider range of projects and clients. About Us Bluengineering together with Bluenergy are owned by brothers Ed and Chris Henshaw and are based in Co Durham. Chris heads up our engineering design, hydrological modeling and construction services and draws on a background in construction, agricultural contracting and a masters in physics from Durham University, so covers both the practical and engineering basis.  Ed studied environmental sciences including hydrology and geology at Durham and had worked for a number of environmental consultancys for over 10 years including the former state agency ADAS and has been involved in providing a wide range of environmental assessments and licencing services to private and public sector clients.  Given these skills Ed manages our environmental assessment and regulator licencing services and carries out many of the surveys.  Ed and Chris grew up on a farm next to West Lancashire's Mere area and exposure to irrigation systems, drainage sluice networks and the Martin Mere wildlife reserve from a young age have left a lifelong interest in all aspects of water and environmental management.  Bluengineering is supported by a network of consultants for some of our survey work, but all environmental assessment and interpretation, design and specialist construction is undertaken in house including all hydrology, geomorphology and regulator dealings to ensure that an integrated approach is used which takes into account practical engineering and economic considerations.  This also ensures that the various areas of assessment are considered together and unlike standalone environmental consultants we fully understand the implications of the our designs and working in rivers, so can give a realistic assessment of the impact and rapidly change proposals to avoid issues or delays.